March 26, 2024

Stand by for the next round of sob stories — what’s about to happen next, you will be told, is definitely a hate crime, maybe even genocide.

Here’s the scoop: Millions of deadbeats who have had a two-year vacation from having to pay down their student loans will now have to … start repaying the money they borrowed to get their absurd, worthless college degrees.

Being required to pay off debt you willingly accrued and signed binding legal contracts to repay — how un-American is that?

The feds’ not-so-dunning letters started going out late last week, and the story broke when Chasten Buttigieg, the spouse of the U.S. Transportation Security, posted the notice on social media with his response:

“LOL no thank you Merry Christmas next.”

Remember that Chasten’s, uh, better half makes $221,400 a year, and has a big Democrat (meaning, seven figures, like Andrew Cuomo’s) book contract. Pete just took a few months off with full pay. They own property on Lake Michigan, but have complained about having to spend $4,500 a month to rent an apartment in D.C. that, gulp, doesn’t have a den.

And now this latest indignity! Chasten, along with millions of others, is actually being asked to … pay back money he borrowed.

AOC, for one, feels his pain — she owes $17,000 in student loans and thus has only been able to afford one Tesla and a French bulldog designer puppy on her $174,000-a-year Congressional salary.

This latest round of sky-is-falling stories will all…

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