July 1, 2022

For many years now, we all have witnessed huge political and financial scams/frauds in our country involving money which amounts to multi-million dollars. And these are just the ones which have been exposed!

Here’s a list of 5 bizarre scams that could have happened only in India. Take a look.

1) Chitra Ramakrishna and Himalayan Yogi

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) questioned ex-NSE group operating officer (GOO), Anand Subramanian, in connection with the ex-NSE MD Chitra Ramkrishna-Himalayan Yogi case.

In its 190-page report, SEBI claimed that Chitra Ramkrishna and Subramanian ran a money-making scheme during their stint at NSE, alleging that Anand Subramanian’s appointment as NSE’s CSO was influenced by emails from a ‘yogi’ dwelling in the Himalayan region in 2013, along with a compensation of Rs 1.3 crores. 

SEBI has highlighted Subramanian’s continued elevations till he became GOO sharing how his rise was accompanied by an ‘arbitrary and disproportionate’ increase in his pay package. He was also exempted from working five days a week, and only asked to come for three days. After SEBI received complaints on Subramanian’s arbitrary elevation, it initiated a probe into it.


“It was alleged that unknown officials of NSE, Mumbai had provided unfair access to said company using the co-location facility during the period 2010-2012 that enabled it to login first to the exchange server of the stock exchange that helped to get the data before…

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