March 29, 2024

[This is a sponsored article with BigPay.]

Last year, with the rise of its user adoption, BigPay like other digital financial institutions and traditional players alike had their share of issues on scams. 

BigPay has been working on multiple fronts for some time now to combat scams . In that time, the team has had to use multiple strategies to keep its users safe and they’ve shared over some lessons they’ve picked up since. 

To begin with, there has never been any data leak or breach of any of BigPay customer data at any point in time. 

Lesson 1: Scams often sound too good to be true 

Most of the time, the scammers pose as BigPay employees, and use WhatsApp messages or calls to try to extract private login information from users, including One Time Password (OTP) numbers.

The early wave of BigPay scams often came with a promise of cashbacks or rewards, often in the thousands of Ringgit. 

Another common tactic was to talk to users regarding upgrading their card, with the promise of new features, or just a fancy new colour of the card. 

Scammers also prey on common fears, such as telling users that their accounts were compromised, and that steps needed to be taken to secure the account. 

As users, we just need to remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Don’t cave in to pressuring tactics, and it’s good to approach everything with a little bit of healthy skepticism and apply critical thinking.

On top of tightening security measures,…

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