March 28, 2024
Online scam academies are teaching fraudsters how to steal bank details (Credit Getty / Tik Tok)

A new kind of online creator is getting into educational videos— scammers. Scam artists are uploading content online on how to send spam texts and use stolen financial details to buy goods online.

In what’s a different kind of online classes, fraudsters are selling instructions in detailed step-by-step guides and individual online tutorials to help newbies cash in on the multimillion-pound black market trade, an undercover Mail investigation has found.

These videos teach people to trick targets into handing over their account, bank card information and other personal details. They are then taught to use the stolen financial details to buy goods online from retailers including John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, PrettyLittleThing and Selfridges.

These goods are usually then sold on eBay or other internet marketplaces. Meaning, consumers are unknowingly buying goods bought with stolen funds.

The investigation also revealed that these ‘How to’ guides teach people to commit Universal Credit fraud, fuelling a benefits fraud epidemic.

The TikTok scammer also posted videos from a day in the life of a ‘clicker’, showing off bundles of cash and other stolen goods. Credit: TikTok

How does it work?

‘Noobies’ or new scammers are taught to use stolen bank details to take out £5,000 loans charged to the victim, and how to move money from victims’ accounts to their own…

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