April 3, 2024

Who has received a phone call from someone claiming to be a sheriff’s deputy or the IRS threatening to come and arrest you if you don’t pay up on a fine?

There are also the calls from someone claiming to be a relative or someone representing that relative asking for money to get out of a legal fix in another country, or even another state.

You might also get a call from someone claiming you have won a huge lottery prize and you just need to send a few hundred dollars to process your claim to the cash.

Recently, The Times received a report of a resident who had been contacted by a group posing as Publisher’s Clearing House and, to receive her winnings, she first needed to send a check to pay for the taxes.

The callers will often ask that the money be sent via a money transfer card or gift cards.

These are some of the most popular scams being used today to separate people from their hard-earned money. They usually play on someone’s fears or desire for financial security.

The good news is it seems more and more people are recognizing the various schemes and challenging the caller or simply hang up.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is involved in consumer protection and has information or tips to avoid being caught up in such schemes.

Tips outlined by the FTC include:

*Keep in mind that wiring money is like sending cash – once it’s…

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