March 26, 2024

“What we see a lot is that consumers put down these deposits, and in the end we get little to no work done,” said Sarah Wetzel.

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. — The Illinois Attorney General is joining the Better Business Bureau to warn about scammers looking to take advantage of people with storm damage.

As Ronna Blattner surveyed the damage at her family farm, she can’t help but get overwhelmed with emotion.

“You go into a state of shock at first,” Blattner said.

There’s debris scattered seemingly everywhere you look.

“It’s just a huge job,” said Blattner.

With another line of storms in the forecast, she knows the old carport needs to come down.

“It’s probably a little bit on the dangerous side,” said Blattner. “I think it’s stable, but I’d like to get that off the house. They’re talking about 50-mph winds this afternoon. I’m not looking forward to that.”

Blattner said at least two dozen contractors have stopped by offering estimates.

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