March 23, 2024

These fake tests require a credit card or a form needing personal information, according to the BBB.

TYLER, Texas — Editors’ Note: This video is from January 2021. 

The Better Business Bureau serving Central East Texas is emphasizing the need to be cautious of fake COVID-19 tests, vaccines and treatment as the omicron variant begins to rise. 

The Centers for Disease Control has reported an increase in testing for COVID-19 has become a concern because of the variant, and scarcity can lead to potential scams for a product that doesn’t exist and more deceptive advertising. 

The FBI issued a warning previously about potential fraud related to the antibody tests, saying that scammers sell the unapproved tests could give inaccurate results and collect personal information like Social Security numbers and dates of birth. 

Through the scam, robocalls are sent out that direct people to a website that looks like a clinic or medical supply company offering COVID-19 tests. These tests persuade people that the results will show if they have coronavirus and some promise results in 10 minutes. 

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