August 17, 2022

A scam is targeting families of students preparing to take the SAT.

Victims are telling the Better Business Bureau (BBB) they’re getting calls claiming to be from the College Board, the company responsible for SAT tests.

“The caller claims to be confirming your address so they can send out test prep materials,” said Bryce Marshall from the BBB. “This could be books, CDs, videos, and they also say that your child requested it.”

The caller has your phone number, your child’s name, and may even have school information. They’re offering SAT prep materials, but there’s a catch—they want hundreds of dollars up front that they claim you’ll get back.

“They’re going to ask you to pay some kind of a deposit, sometimes several hundreds of dollars for the materials, and they’re going to say ‘oh it can be refunded once the materials are returned’,” said Marshall.

But you don’t ever get that money back, and your child never gets the test prep materials. Plus, scammers now have your credit card number and other personal information.

Marshall says if someone calls out of the blue and claims your child requested test prep materials, ask if you can call them back so you can confirm that with your teen. In the meantime, do a quick search of the company’s name on the BBB website to see if it’s a scam.

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