March 26, 2024

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Today, Avast announced that it had expanded its flagship product Avast One with a number of new features designed to protect users from online scams, fraud and other privacy threats

The solution, which already included an antivirus, VPN and data breach monitoring services, now includes new features including Email Guardian, an anti-email phishing solution, Online Safety Score, which monitors the cyber hygiene of devices, and Privacy Advisor, a step-by-step guide to show users how to optimize their privacy settings on social media. 

While there were many new features launched, Avast has placed a significant focus on addressing phishing and social engineering scams. For enterprises, these new features have the potential to offer additional protection against cyber attacks that rely on manipulating users into clicking on malicious links via email and SMS messages. 

For instance, Email Guardian, one of the new features announced, is designed to combat phishing threats by blocking malicious attachments to emails received in email apps installed on the desktop. 

Similarly, Scam Protection for Android notifies the user when they receive a potentially malicious SMS, social media or messaging app message. Secure links are opened…

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