April 3, 2024

AMAZON shoppers are being warned of a refund scam that sees hackers pretend to be employees.

The warning comes after an elderly couple from Louisiana reportedly lost $60,000 of savings from their bank account via an internet fraudster.  


An Amazon scam has conned a couple out of $60,000

According to Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard, the pair were contacted online by an alleged Amazon agent – who claimed that they had been hacked.

“The hacker was able to hack into their bank account, take the 60 thousand out of their savings and put it into their checking,” he explained.

“They were not aware of it until the second time, and they contacted their bank.”

The hacker reportedly claimed to send the wrong amount of money, causing the couple to send money to the agent through the mail.

The individual then pleaded with the vulnerable couple that he would be fired if the so-called mistake was not rectified – adding that they deposit the cash immediately.

To conclude they were then issued with a fake arrest warrant from Louisiana State Police via email – which accused them of money laundering.

It prompted Chief Broussard to issue a warning to shoppers of the presence of hackers during the festive period – adding emphasis on the importance of cyber-security.

“Hackers are getting a lot better. First thing to remember is that state police are not going to send a warrant over email,” said Broussard.

“It’s bad enough that they’re taking funds from people who…

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