April 8, 2024

15 December 2021

What was claimed

Tesco is giving away free TVs to people who share a Facebook post, or visit a link.

Our verdict

This is not true. The post does not come from Tesco’s Facebook account. Tesco has told us that it does not offer rewards for liking, sharing or commenting on posts.

A scam claiming to offer free TVs from Tesco is spreading widely on Facebook.

The post, from an account called “Tesco Fans” says: “We’re about to chuck around 300-400 TV’s that have been use for display TV’s in our stores around the UK and therefore can’t be sold. Instead of binning we thought we’d give them all away, sizes range from 42-65. If you want one then just make sure you have shared by Dec 16th!”

The same account also posted a link later the same day with the caption: “We’re giving you all the opportunity to get a new TV, just go here…

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