May 26, 2022

You cannot scroll through Instagram without coming across an Ad. These ads often promote expensive branded products at a price so low that you just can’t help yourself but click on them. But not everything that glitters is gold, and these ads tend to be scams. But how can you spot if this is a real ad or a scam? Well, the answer is in the details and we will share Nine ways to help you spot these fake Instagram ads.

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Why do You see these Ads on Instagram?

Instagram is a free service to download and use but it makes its revenue by showing you these sponsored ads. But lately, scammers have been trying to use it for their benefit. These days, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms and one of the best places to find an unsuspecting audience. The scammers target individuals that are interested in the product they are advertising and are likely to fall for their scams.

They also use small and up-and-coming influencers for shoutouts and promotions. Also, they do not want to scam hundreds, just a few individuals after which they start all over again with a new profile.

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Should You Trust Ads on Instagram?

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