May 26, 2022

Over 10 million suspicious emails have been reported to National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Suspicious Email Reporting Service, resulting in 76,000 online scams being taken down. 

Launched almost two years ago, the reporting service enables members of the public to alert the authorities about potential cyberattacks and scams. 

Scams relating to the NHS, fake notifications from delivery companies, phony cryptocurrency investments and more have all been taken down after being reported by the public to the NCSC, the cybersecurity arm of intelligence agency GCHQ. 

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The reporting service – where users can forward suspected malicious emails to – was launched at the start of the pandemic as the UK went into lockdown, forcing people to rely on digital services more than ever before.

Cyber criminals attempted to take advantage of this situation by sending out scams and phishing emails to unsuspecting users – and continue to do so. The aims of these attacks can include stealing usernames and passwords, as well money and bank details. 

While the takedown of 76,000 online scams marks a success for NCSC, phishing and other cyberattacks continue to be an issue – according to the latest Crime Survey for England and Wales, there was a 161% increase in unauthorised access to personal…

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