May 26, 2022

Online scammers are continuing to capitalise on the pandemic, but with so many convincing scams to look out for it can be incredibly daunting for motorists. With more people buying and selling motors online than ever before, fraudsters have found new ways to target the vulnerable.

To help, Select Car Leasing have crunched the numbers of five online motoring scams, revealing that drivers are at risk of losing an eye-watering £8,485.

‘Too Good to Be True’ Car Insurance Deals Could Cost You £785

Fraudsters often take the form of fake car insurance providers. These scammers, known as ghost brokers, sell ‘too good to be true’ car insurance deals to drivers that are none the wiser that they are buying a policy that is completely worthless.

According to the Association of British Insurers, the average cost of car insurance is £485. Victims of ghost broking could be paying this premium, but also be landed with a £300 fine on top when they are penalised for driving an uninsured vehicle.

The best way to see if a car insurance deal is too good to be true is to check if the broker is part of the British Insurance Broker Association. Ghost brokers often take to social media to advertise their policies, so look out for this.

Fake Road Tax Text Scam Could Cost You Your Bank Balance

The DVLA has issued a warning over a rise in fake text messages that appear to be sent from the agency.

The texts either warn drivers that their payment details need to be updated or that their…

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