May 26, 2022

Facebook is a site that is often considered a mixed bag when it comes to good or bad things but sometimes between the good things on Facebook and the bad things on Facebook ,the bad things win!

It’s not a new thing for people to get scammed on social media sites but getting scammed using a feature made with small business owners in mind is not a good thing! Facebook marketplace is quickly becoming the home for scammers and we decided that it was time we uncovered the scams!

13 Scams That Plague the Facebook Marketplace

1. Outside the Wire Scam

Scams usually run best when there is no one monitoring the scammer and that is what this scam is all about. In this scam the scammer shows you a product on the Facebook Marketplace and once you like the product the scammers provide you with an alternate point of contact.

Once you contact the seller, He or She asks you to Venmo or Wire them the money so they can provide you with the item at an extra discount. The person then receives the money and disappears leaving you empty-handed.

The issue here is since your payment method was outside the Facebook marketplace your purchase isn’t protected by Facebook and since you spoke on an alternate platform with the seller there is no traceability of the whole event.

Make sure you stick to speaking to the seller on Facebook and that you only pay using the officially approved payment methods which are PayPal and Facebook Checkout.

2.“Oh! it’s on its way” scam


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