March 27, 2024

The Sopranos is a show with a huge cast, with dozens of main and supporting characters. Naturally, in a crime show about the New Jersey mafia, these characters have a pretty high mortality rate. Most of these deaths are pretty well-paced and the deceased are often well-developed characters.

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Other times, however, these deaths can be a little too sudden and happen to characters that could have used some more screentime. Some characters definitely needed a few more episodes for them to be fleshed out, and some need it more than others.

This article contains spoilers for The Sopranos.

10) Jack Masserone

Jack Masserone

Jack Masserone (Robert Desiderio) was the owner of a local construction company and had ties to the Soprano crew. Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) use his construction company as a front for all kinds of illegal operations, like no-show and no-work jobs, and the HUD scam.

It would have been interesting to see Masserone’s role in these schemes: it’s heavily implied that he’s something of an unwilling participant considering he later becomes an FBI informant and looks uncomfortable in every scene he’s in. Sadly, Masserone is killed off in the very same episode it’s revealed that he was giving information to the feds, so we never get his perspective.


9) Karen Baccalieri

Karen Baccalieri

Bobby Baccalieri (Steve…

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