March 24, 2024

The history of pro wrestling is marked by companies and territories long gone. There were the big ones such as WCW, ECW, AWA, and World Class. There were also scores of smaller but good territories from Memphis to Mid-South that made a mark in their time. Yet it’s amazing how some promotions that didn’t last too long ended up making a bigger impact than expected. Many boasted young talents who would go on to become huge stars while a few more notable for some of the wild stories happening.

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A few lasted for a few years and even had the potential to break out more until they ended suddenly. Others were flash in the pan, yet their impact, from stars to presentation, would become more notable down the line. A few have even been the subject of some articles or books to highlight them and should be remembered. These are ten short-lived wrestling promotions fans should look into to showcase that even the forgotten elements of the business could be fun.

10 Deep South Wrestling

Kenny Omega and Kofi Kingston in Deep South Wrestling

Everyone knows how Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling were key developmental promotions for WWE. But Deep South Wrestling has fallen by the wayside despite the WWE Network doing a doc on it. Begun in 2005, the territory would boast future stars such as Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, MVP and Michelle McCool.

It also had a few non-WWE big names, such as Kenny Omega and Brian Cage. DSW never had the…

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