March 31, 2024

Ah, tourists. So curious, so plentiful, so unaware. Whenever someone travels somewhere for pleasure, there’s always a bit of ignorant self-entitlement. They disembark from the plane, ready to take a culture by storm, thinking they know better and that everything is catered to their comfort—isn’t tourism how these people make their money? It’s exactly this attitude that leads tourists into scams.

They spot a good deal or assume good intentions, thinking that it’s just what they need to make their trip special. Suddenly, they find themselves in a subpar hotel, tipping for something they thought was free, the victim of theft, or left high and dry, money taken with no results.

Now, we could blame it all on the tourist—they should know where they’re going and the possible pitfalls of going there, right? They should know not to trust random strangers. But we call it a case of comparative negligence.

Yes, it’s the tourist’s fault for not doing their research, but it’s also the scammer’s fault for being a jerk, over and over again. So if you plan on traveling anywhere anytime soon as a self-identified tourist, be sure to avoid these ten common scams that tourists fall for. Just a note that there are some really good city-specific ones out there, but these are the ones you’re most likely to run into.

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